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The Beginning of MSF

Let’s go back to how it all began. The concept of Magical Smiles Foundation was years in the making, since it started out as a promise. A promise to give back. We, the creators of Magical Smiles Foundation, have been fortunate to be in a position to help the underprivileged members of the global community. More than luck, though, we were surrounded by generous and kind-hearted people. When time came to organize for our first trip, we did not have to look far for help from some lovely people.

Boy decorating donation boxes

On the agenda was creating some unique things that would symbolize what Magical Smiles Foundation stands for. Pictured here is a compassionate boy, with heritage in Central America, who volunteered to help us decorate our donation boxes.

Boy decorating donation boxes

We also came up with an idea to make Magical Smiles Foundation wristbands, which we gave out in exchange for small donations. The wrist bands, combined with the donation boxes and some cool T-shirts, allowed us to have plenty of simple ways to collect small funds for our first trip.

Donation boxes and wrist bands

The awareness about Magical Smiles Foundation spread through events like the fundraiser by the Annandale Softball Team. We are eternally grateful to these women of all ages for their generosity.

Women's softball team

Last but not least, the DC Metro Area community, comprised of our friends, family, and colleagues, continued to demonstrate kindness through wonderful donations of brand-new toys and funds to sponsor underprivileged children, whom we would visit during our first trip in El Salvador.

Toys for donations

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